Your Executive™

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What is that all about?

Your Airways, established in 2008, is without a doubt the brand that everyone knows and it is not going anywhere (including the livery). We are just responding to the challenges we have in a way that seems most reasonable. Your Executive as such has existed in different forms in the past as we have operated different VIP aircraft over our 10+ years of existence.

Just another branding change?

Yes and no.

We do like our 2020 “grey livery”, and it was supposed to be the way ahead, but times have changed.

The first challenge is the livery itself.

The 2020 A320 livery received a warm welcome by our customers – meaning virtual pilots. It is minimalistic, but also relatively complex. The “Estonian National Museum” pattern and other details are pretty, but it also means that it takes hours to paint it (for the original fslabs for Prepar3D). Things did not stop here. The repaint was also needed for flightfactor X-Plane, this equals to a similar amount of hours spent on port over. Then we needed to support online flying and port the same livery for “AI models”. To sum it up, it means support for 2 different payware add-ons on two different simulator platforms plus the same for “AI models” = 4 different repaints (+ also count in different REGs for every platform). This was applicable for A320. 737 and the rest need similar treatment.

What happened then?

Fslabs came out with a different paint kit, meaning that we must do the same thing once again. New simulator came – the same story. New 737 for X-Plane is on the horizon, same story, same with new upcoming PMDG for the new simulator.

Enough is enough. We cannot continue in a way that some of the most active pilots do not have a company livery.

While we like to design new things, we do not like to reapply the same complex design again and again and again. It would literally take tens of hours of “Photoshop” to support it all.

How to solve it?

We went back to our roots, meaning original but simple livery that would be easily portable on three different simulators, at least three different add-ons, also for online flying. It is made in a way that (at least in theory) should make it relatively easily paintable.

We think that it is definitely different than a regular airline livery on the average apron. The white minimalist base is supported by contrasting red stripes. It will make heads turn. We like it, hope you like it too.

So why executive?

Recent changes in world travel have proven that private travel or charters will be a sustainable business for quite some time. We have allowed some of our members to add schedules to places they desire for over a year (mainly TBM and MD83). But why not for A320 or B737? We have flown to almost every airport capable of handling medium-class airliners imaginable, at least from TLL. Nothing new to introduce here. Our current N59 network connects most major northern European hubs. Nothing new. We have been from Alta to Malta and everything in between.

So what, where and how next?

Let’s fly everywhere!

In theory, our integrations and systems support it (some more tweaking to do). There are just some additional tasks that the pilot should do prior the flight, if desired. All current schedules remain active, so if it fits your need, then go ahead.

But flying private non-scheduled flights is also different from normal daily (maybe routine) airline pilot job.

You can fly higher, faster, get away from busy terminals and to visit smaller and more interesting airfields all over the world. Flying a private airliner with important VIP passengers is a next-level job only best in the business, people who go the extra mile, are allowed to do.

PS, There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.

We hope that you like it.

PS – in true Your Aviation spirit, the aircraft wont change their colors overnight, they have to be flown to Basel LFSB for repaint and interior customization.