#0 Great Basin Preparations

By admin


We have done some VFR tours, but the area of the Great Basin Desert has been somewhat avoided. There seems to be no good freeware scenery, that would cover the area. There is payware Megascenery Earth for FSX/P3D and freeware projects for X-Plane. Nevada and other states cover this huge area of inhospitable terrain.

Where are we going?

The route is still under discussion but we will depart from LA area, fly north towards Death Valley and Las Vegas. We will then decide how we are going to avoid “Area 51”, west or east. It will be an interesting adventure, as there are not too many places to divert or stop for fuel. The desert is also filled by many R-restricted areas, full of military activity, test sites, and other interesting places.

What are we using?

Our aircraft have been resting for months since the last Mexico border trip. The hrs are nearing the maintenance intervals so we will ask our technicians to get the oil changed and do some other preventive maintenance. You do not want to get into an AOG situation in this place of the world. We are also looking for a desert survival equipment to be added to our aircraft (weight and balance), in case something breaks and we need to make an unplanned landing.

The plan is to depart in September. The real-world schedule is tight,  so we are agreed on the deadlines yet.

Stay tuned for news.