Going public phase 1

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Well, summer is over and autumn is arriving. 1st of September is like the start of another year in many ways. Offices that used to be closed are opening again as people are back from vacations, children are going to school and all TV programs are announcing their new shows. Cities are full of traffic jams and people. This is also the time when people start to spend more time at homes, meaning a new “season” for flight sim world as well. This “season” is going totally different and exciting – new simulator, new opportunities, a new generation of simmers. But we still have good old X-Plane and Prepar3D that are both being actively developed. Interesting times for sure.

So what is happening here?

The structure of real Estonian commercial airlines may look complex for the general public. So we are simply trying to follow the age-old cliche “as real as it gets” and implement something similar… On the other hand, we simply like to change our name every few years.

Jokes aside, the “airways” part in our name didn’t go together too well with our activities anymore. Our operation was not limited to Tallinn and the virtual airline that operated from there. We had a base in the US for some time and we were also operating business and general aviation aircraft, all over the world. Word “airways” just didn’t seem right, if painted to a fuselage of Cessna 150. Word “aviation” associates better with our actual operation. The goal was also to attract more pilots with different backgrounds and interests all over the world.

We are a global group of virtual aviators that operates everywhere with everything our pilots demand. The traditional airline continues to exist as some of our members still prefer that kind of flying. For those who liked to pick their destinations on their own – executive and club subsidiaries have been added.

On top of that, we started to share our adventures and stories about our flights, resulting in a blog and news section.

There are a lot of plans for the future.

Welcome to YourAviation.pro!