Some people see a runway …

… we see a dawn of a new adventure.


Little different than ordinary virtual airline.
Our Story.

Adventure can be an IFR flight a busy hub …

… or a relaxing VFR sightseeing tour for a 100$ hamburger.

Where and how do you fly?

All types of flying, everywhere on the globe. group was founded as a classical virtual airline back in 2008. We have operated all over the world, from multiple hubs – passenger flights, charters, cargo and much more. Over the years, some of our members are becoming more and more interested in private and general aviation operations, therefore new subsidiaries were founded. Your Airways operations and destinations are based on scenery availability and member votes. Executive and club flights can be done anywhere. We have a solution for every pilot and every specific need.


your airways 

Not too much to think. We insert the schedule for you. Just select a flight and go.


your executive 

Ad-hoc charter flights from anywhere to anywhere – you decide and add the flight.


your flying club

Sightseeing, touring and training flights with smaller aircraft. 



Go figure that out.

Adventure can be flight planning with paper chart and pencil …

… or by using your iPad with the latest APPs.

What systems do you use?

Coded and integrated in-house. Made by pilots for the pilots.

Flight preparation, operation and storing the data may sound like a daunting and complex task. Back in the old days, we used to print charts we found online, get routes from different sources, filled in papers and excel logbooks or … didn’t do any of that.

We thought we can fix that by taking different modules of available software solutions, integrate them and present them in a user-friendly way, that would require minimal user input and would look as good and realistic as the real-world counterparts.

e-OFP V.2

Made with real-world knowhow

The coding is done by real-world dispatchers, flight support and system administrators, who know how to prepare a safe and efficient flight.

Inspired by real systems

The system is designed by people who are involved in the EFB system evaluation, implementation and development in real life.

Accurate flight plans

Our system is fully integrated into Simbrief platform, displaying accurate planning data. Our pre- and post-flight data is analyzed, fuel burn factors are kept up to date (even for a specific add-on).


Our team keeps the system up to date. Our in house support is ready for bug reports or new design ideas.


For tablets (and PC)

The entire system works well on PC but is designed to be the best fit on the tablet, such as iPad.​

Easy to setup

The system was designed to require minimal input by the end-user, the pilot. Just select the flight, edit departure time (plus some optional fields) and off you go.

Cockpit friendly

Everything you need is just at your fingertips, starting with W&B and fuel data, live weather maps, FMS input examples and ending with aircraft specific checklists.


Our system provides quick access to various functions, such as Navigraph charts, live weather map, aircraft tech log, etc.

Short demo video of the e-OFP V.2 on iPad Air 2

Video shows the view used for flight after all inputs are made and computations are done.
Random flight ESSA/ARN Stockholm – EKCH/CPH Copenhagen A320.

Note that our e-OFP system is continuously updated, the video does not present the final product.

Detailed information about our operations, statistics, downloads, documentation and much more is “hidden” in our Intranet system, powered by heavily modified phpVMS, integrated with Simbrief, Navigraph, VATSIM, PilotEdge, OneDrive and other vendors. The system has been designed to mimic real-life EFB (electronic flight bag), running on a separate device, such as iPad, Surface or similar. V stands for version 5, that was initially released at the beginning of 2018. phpVMS was selected, as it is one of the most robust and easily customizable locally hosted virtual airline platforms. Pilots are not dispatchers, so the system is designed to require minimal user input while offering a realistic working environment for the pilot

Adventure can be 12 hours over the Pacific in a Boeing 777 …

… or landing a Piper Cub on a riverbank.

What aircraft do you operate?

Most authentic add-ons for desktop simulation, small and big. was founded due to one add-on – maddog 2006. Our full story is here. After that, we have always used the most sophisticated and advanced aircraft add-ons available for the desktop simulator. Our fleet includes or has included products from various companies, such as PMDG, flightsimlabs, flightfactor, A2A simulations, Hot Start, Leonardo Software House and much more.



Most advanced piston and turboprop aircraft for flight simulator.



Sophisticated aircraft for people interested in airline transport.



Authentic simulation of large transport aircraft for worldwide ops.



Go figure that out.

Currently approved airline aircraft:


  • A320 – flightfactor
  • 737-800 -Zibo
  • TBM900 – Hot Start


  • A320 – flightsimlabs 
  • 737-800 NGX – PMDG 
  • 747-8 -PMDG (cargo)
  • MD-83 -Leonardo Software House 

Flight SImulator

  • lets wait and see

Note: We try to keep our fleet relatively small to ensure the availability and support of the aircraft on many platforms.

Adventure can start with waiting for a takeoff clearance at JFK …

… or with intentions report on local airfield CTAF.

Do you fly online?

Most of the flights are done in the best available networks.


Global virtual air traffic network used for most of the flights operated by YourAviation group.


Complex network and training environment for people who desire realistic ATC in FAA legal framework.

99% of the YourAviation group flights are done online. Only exemptions may be test flights or some simulator multiplayer events.

Adventure can be flying together online …

… or meeting your “virtual friends” in person.

Anything else?

Yes, of course - community and friendships.

Members of YourAviation discuss daily operational topics in different channels, including Facebook and Discord. For urgent matters and a longer chat, we also use a regular phone or just get together : ). Most of our staff have met in real life, just to help out with the simulator software or hardware, or to have lunch. We have a yearly summer gathering events.

Adventure can be related to bad visibility …

… or too hot temperatures on a high elevation airfield.

I am still confused, why should I join?

Below are some keywords to tie it all together.

What do our members say?


Some of our staff and members work in different fields in aviation, from office or ATC tower to the cockpit of Airbus A320.


Most of our members meet in real life too for an online event or a barbeque and some beers.


Many decades of combined experience with flight simulators, thousands of hours on virtual flight decks.


Create your own routes to anywhere in the world, when you want. Slow or fast, low or high.


Systems are inspired and designed by real world dispatchers and pilots, based on real ariline flight planning tools and EFB solutions.


Aviation can be unexpected and complex, but it is important to not take it too seriously.

What do our members say?

"Founded and driven forward by people who share a love for aviation and also have actual airline experience - what more could you ask for? Come and fly interesting routes!"
"If you are looking for a professional virtual airline with an elaborate web environment that is based on real life experience and procedures, look no further!"
"If you're looking for an environment where learning and self-development have virtually no limits look no further. Run by sim vets, with actual industry background, for sim vets."
member since 2013

Adventure can be a journey to learn a new aircraft …

… or to get through rating system in PilotEdge network.

Membership requirements?

We think they are reasonable.

The reality is, that all virtual aviators are different and our wide range of operations require a different kind of skills and knowledge. YourAviation group airlines are known to be quite tough with our requirements in the past, but not anymore … maybe.

General expectations

In general, we expect our members to be interested in (virtual) aviation. They should have an above-average understanding of aviation law, meteorology, performance, weight&balance, etc. There is no place for “Ctrl+E starts”, DCT routings, and default aircraft.

Flight club membership requirements

For club operations, nothing but a basic understanding of the simulator and online networks is required. Of course, you have to be capable of flying the aircraft, follow the rules of the given network and airspace.

Your Airways and Executive membership requirements

There are more complex requirements for airline and executive operations. The commander of the specific aircraft shall know the aircraft systems, normal- and emergency operating procedures. This is relatively similar to real-world crew requirements. We expect our members to go the extra mile and study the manuals and procedures that are available come together with the add-on and to even look for more over the internet. There are tons of great guides and videos freely available. This ensures that the person in question can operate the aircraft safely and realistically. We can also have interesting discussions about system operation and to share our experiences.

Activity requirements

We do not set minimum monthly activity requirements as everyone has their own lives. Virtual aviation is our hobby, not a fulltime job. But, you may receive an e-mail from the management, if the period of inactivity is becoming significant. Bear in mind, that inactivity decreases your vote weight.

YourAviation does not provide an official virtual pilot training program, but we are more than happy to share our knowledge and knowhow on different types of aircraft.

ready to start?

  1. Fill in the form.
  2. Each application will be evaluated individually. We consider the cover letter “Why do you want to join”, previous experience and passion for aviation. Only those candidates selected for interviews will be contacted.
  3. We will now schedule an interview (Skype, Teams, Discord, Messenger) to get to know you even better.
  4. Wait for a final decision … with excitement.
  5. Now you are ready to start.

More questions?


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