Some people see a runway …

… we see a dawn of a new adventure.

What are you?

Grown-up man playing a computer game.

Flight Simulation

Well, first things first – we like to think that Flight Simulation is not a game, it is a simulator. It may look like one, but after you install countless add-ons, starting from realistic weather injection to complex aircraft models (licenced by official aircraft manufacturers), then it takes a totally new dimension and gets to another level of immersion. On top of that, you have to go through manuals and documentation to understand what is going on and do it properly. May it be an aircraft manual or CBT, youtube video about “bush flying” or documentary about aviation. 

It is a niche hobby that helps you to develop yourself and experience things that would not be maybe impossible in reality.

Our role has grown out from a virtual airline and community platform. First of all, we are a bunch of people who share the same interest – virtual aviation simulation and we all like to do it as realistically as possible. May it be an IFR airline flight over the Atlantic or senic tour to explore the world in VFR. was established to unite our airline and community together and to share what we do, why we do and how we do it. We would also like to give it a personal touch. All of the virtual aviators have their own story to tell, daily life and families. 


Your Airways, Your Executive and Your Flying Club

Running the world best virtual airline platform is one of our priorities. Our main airline EFB platform turned out to be such a success that we wanted to use it for every flight. So why not? In 2020, we established additional subsidiaries to allow all kinds of operations. Read more about our flying activities from here.


Stories about our Adventures

While in the real world, the flight is usually about where it gets you, in the virtual world, it is usually about the flight itself. There must be a reason why a person loads a specific aircraft and flight from A to Z. We would like to share the stories about our flights, our reasons, our adventures.


Relevant from our perspective

The world of virtual aviation is complex. There are tons of webpages, blogs and sites. Some are very professional, some are enthusiastic. We thought we will add our own touch by sharing the news that are relevant to our operation and from our perspective. Our news are not limited to virtual aviation only. If there is an interesting real-world story, worth to share, well do it.


Estonian Virtual Aviation Association and contribution.

Our team is behind the main Estonian virtual aviation community – Estonian Virtual Aviation Association that was founded as the main communication platform for local enthusiasts, to unite, share, organize events and more. We also do paint liveries and help with scenery design.

Ordinary people with different backgrounds  …

… but with the same hobby and interests.

Who are you?

People with the same hobby.




member since 2008

daily job

OCC Manager 

aviation experience

ATC over 10 years ago. Some flights on the cockpit on different aircraft from Cessna to Learjet 60. Working at airline OCC.

flight simulation

Heigo joined the simmers world in 2001, after the release of MSFS 2002. He has been flying with tens of different add- on aircraft, from freeware Piper Cub to payware Boeing 747-8 and logged around 7000 virtual flight hours all over the world. Most of the flights are done in VATSIM or PilotEdge. He likes to dig deeper into real manuals, CBTs and training videos.




member since 2018

daily job

Commanding Officer of a naval ship

aviation experience

Some flights on a front-right seat of a Cessna 172. Also taken pictures of real aircraft : ).

flight simulation

Martin started with flight simulators in 2003, after the release of MSFS 2002. He has been flying with various aircraft, starting from Learjet, first versions of PMDG and many more. He has spent online around 1000 hours in addition to offline flights. Flights have been done offline or online in VATSIM as well as IVAO. More recently with smaller aircraft, VFR in PilotEdge.



 long-haul ops Officer

member since 2012

daily job

Project Manager in the marine industry

aviation experience

Light aircraft pilot license and required training. Has flown a lot as a passenger due to work-related duty travel.

flight simulation

Oliver has been flying with different simulators from 2006. He does like complex aircraft add-ons as we. He also likes long-haul flights to other continents and even further. We still haven’t figured out how it is possible to fly 48 hours straight. That’s why he has 8000 hrs in toal. We still suspect that there is more than one Oliver to accomplish that. The mystery continues.



of short-haul ops Officer

member since 2011

daily job

System Operator

aviation experience

Technically zero, if flying as a passenger does not count. He has also taken pictures of real aircraft : ).

flight simulation

Aimar started his “professional” flight simulation journey in 2011 and was partly trained and instructed by YourAviation. He is one of the most active members in our team, flying over 1500 flights and over 3000 hours in our colours. That is a remarkable achievement. We sometimes joke that we should rename the aVA to “Aimar Airlines”.

Voting system

All Members


The number of YourAviation members has fluctuated over time, but the core who has stayed almost the same. Our members have different backgrounds, also with real-life aviation experience. From ATCs to pilots of an Airbus A320.

All members have a right to vote

YourAviation members can all participate in the decision-making process about new destinations, operations, fleet, basically everything. Discussions are held on various communication channels and everyone can voice their ideas or concerns.

Vote weight

Vote weight is automatically calculated and based on activity and time as a member of YourAviation group. Yes – it is possible for a new active member to have more voting right than an inactive old member.

What do our members say?

"Founded and driven forward by people who share a love for aviation and also have actual airline experience - what more could you ask for? Come and fly interesting routes!"
"If you are looking for a professional virtual airline with an elaborate web environment that is based on real life experience and procedures, look no further!"
"If you're looking for an environment where learning and self-development have virtually no limits look no further. Run by sim vets, with actual industry background, for sim vets."
member since 2013 and its subsidiaries are privately funded by management and member donations.